Sunday, September 30, 2012

Summer Fun

So, I haven't blogged much lately.  Busy summer, I guess.  I didn't stress myself too much, but we had lots and lots of fun.  Here's a few of our favorite memories from summer:

Lake Shasta: We rented a boat for the day and with my brother Eric. He and I insisted that we have lunch on top if this huge, muddy hill.  By the time we made it to the top I had fallen down twice and was covered in mud, but still determined to have fun.  The Shasta Lake Caverns were also beautiful and amazing!

Endless days at Amazon Pool: I honestly got a little tired of this, but the kids had fun swimming, tanning and playing in the sand while I talked to friends or read a book.

Leaburg Fish Hatchery:  Don't know what it is, but we love this little hangout.  We usually bring a picnic and find a grassy spot to eat and watch and feed all the fish and sturgeon swimming in the ponds.  We wander down to the river and wade in or invariably throw rocks, because we all know there's something magical about throwing rocks into water, right?  If only for a moment, it turns us back into silly, playful children.

Boise: I know it sounds lame, but the kids and I drove across Oregon to meet up with my sister, Kristen and her 2 kids.  It was a "no husbands" adventure the turned out to be a blast!  We went to the water slides and ate lots of good food and won some money playing scratch offs and stayed up late talking and laughing.  We didn't stay in the nicest part of town though.  When we went to bed the first night the boys looked out he window and saw a bright marque that said, "Naughty school girl party tonight".  Then asked, " What's a naughty school girl party?". That was an interesting one to explain!

Playing at Sahalie Falls and Belknap Hot Springs:  We hiked back behind the Falls and stood up on the precipice of the waterfall.  Hearing the roar and feeling the rush of the spray was exhilarating!  I could have stayed all day, but we wanted to go to Belknap.  We hiked around behind the hot springs and watched the kids play tag in the big fields and just took in the beautiful scenery:  it's gorgeous!

Ah summer, adieu!

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