Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Blast From the Past

Kristen, my sweet sister and partner in childhood memories, was here last week with the rest of the family. We all had so much fun swimming, hiking, playing games and hanging out for our family reunion in Redmond, Or. (More details and pictures to come.)
So I was asking her if she remembered the most delectable taste I can think of from our growing up years: the elusive and delightful chocolate coconut muffin. She indeed remembers and cherishes the taste of the most exquistely wonderful muffin either of us have ever tasted. They used to sell these delicious confections at our junior high school in ol' Pleasant Hill years ago and neither one of us had consumed one, despite searching for them, these many long years. Well, a couple months back I was driving past this little bakery/cafe and decided to stop by and check for "THE BEST MUFFIN EVER" like I have done many a time at different places across the country in my search over the past 20-some years. And I found it!!!!!!!! It's called the Macroon Moon muffin and it's made at the Muffin Mill in Eugene, OR. When I informed Kristen that I had actually located the sought-after confectionary treat she was "over the moon" with joy and gladness!!!! We ran down to the Muffin Mill and cleaned them out! Then we indulged ourselves in lots and lots of scrumptious muffins. To share that long-lost taste with my wonderful childhood friend and sister can only be described in one way: It was complete and total BLISS!