Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Daphne is my miracle. We had a hard time getting her here. After trying for a year and a half and 2 miscarriages we found out that we were going to have a baby girl. The pregnancy was awful. I was sick for the first half and by the time the morning sickness went away I was very anemic. But I wasn't diagnosed with the anemia until much later and so I spent the whole summer in exhaustion and agony. Needless to say it was avery hard pregnancy.
She was growing fast and I was getting big. We decided to schedule a C-section, because I had Olivia via C-section and Dr. Betterton feared my uterus would rupture if I waited to go into labor and deliver naturally. So she came 6 days before her due date on November 17 weighing 8 lbs 8 oz. We were so elated to have another healthy baby girl! We wanted her to have the same initials as her daddy so we named her Daphne Elizabeth Bustos. When the doctor pulled her our she said "Would you look at all the hair she has!" Her hair was dark brown and very long! Probably about an inch! She had such a loud cry too. Daddy spent the first hour by himself bonding with her and firgured out that all she wanted was to suck. So he stuck his pinkie finger in her mouth and then she was happy as a clam.
She is 6 months now! Oh how the time has flown! Life is cruel in that way. It goes so fast when you want it to slow and it speeds up when you want to to slow down. She just started sitting up about 2 weeks ago and she is starting tosleep through the night. She is very happy with all of the attention she gets from her brother and sisters! They are always willing to help her and hold her. Liam was so sad when we found out she was a girl, but now he comes home from school and run up to her to smell her and kiss her and make her smile.
We also get A LOT of attention from strangers! Everyone comments on her hair and how beautiful and long it is. (I even put it in pony tails the other day!) They also comment on how beautiful her blue eyes are. She loves the attention, but the other day she was playing shy and hid her face in her carseat when someone was cooing at her. It was really funny. It's like she was getting tired of all of the comments and decided enough was enough! Occasionally I get a little frustrated too if I'm in a hurry. I usually get stopped 5-8 times in the grocery store. So if I have more than one place to go in a day I get stopped that many times at each place I go. It's pretty funny sometimes. I should keep a tally one of these days!

Happy Birthday to Me!

I like my birthdays every one! Each brings a greater joy to me! (To quote a primary song.) I never seem to tire of getting older. I'm 35 today and I still love my birthday! My kids all made me a picture, coupon or book. Savannah wrote a book for me complete with illustrations and I want to share it.
The title is: "Here's to You and our Family". We've been together since... First steps...Princess Fanticies... Rainy baseball games...And school plays. Our family is very special. And you play a very important part in it. Remember, that with all we go through you'll always be our Mommy and we'll always be your Baby.
Thanks Savannah! She should write greeting cards or something. I was crying by the time I got to the end!
My hubby got me an emerald ring (that I got to pick out!). I love emeralds, it's my birthstone. He is going to get off work a little early so we can start celebrating, then we're going out to Marche tonight and to a movie.
I also got to get a mani/pedicure with my friend Angie and go out to lunch. Daphne even gave me a gift. She didn't cry the whole time I was getting ready this morning (like she usually does!) and she slept through my pedicure. Very nice!
Birthdays are great!