Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Snow Day!

Oh how wonderful it is to wake up to a wonderful world of white!

You look out the window then switch on the TV to see if your school is out for the day. Sure enough: It's a Snow Day! Even Dad has to start work late. So we make some pancakes and have breakfast together, then run around the house trying to find all of our snow clothes. And when everyone is so bundled up that we can hardly move, we head outside to play in the white stuff!

It's just barely enough to cover the ground, but it's icy so we get out the sled and PLAY!!!

And even though it means more work for me, and less time to get things done, I just don't care. Why? Because even if it's just for a few hours the world stops and we all look around to appreciate nature's possibly dangerous and beautiful accomplishment. Or maybe it's because I'm still a kid at heart and I JUST LOVE SNOW!