Friday, April 1, 2011

On Mothering

Some people just don’t get it. Some people think that you can command your children to be good and so it shall be. Some people don’t realize the effort, stamina, energy and strength it takes to just make it through the day while you are raising children.

You see, it’s constant, non-stop, never-ending diligence to make sure that your children grow up (hopefully to be happy, well-rounded individuals that contribute good to the world). We are constantly watching with relentless vigilance and unwavering love; and those are the easy parts! As mothers we are always on guard, making sure they don’t run in front of a car, preventing them from poking their eye out, watching out for strangers, helping with homework, taking them to their various activities, not to mention breaking up fights with siblings. It’s exhausting!

So when you see a mother by herself with her 4 children please, oh please, be kind to her! She is out, doing her best, battling the world, trying to make sure her kids aren’t too loud, too bothersome, too rude. She is also looking out for every possible danger to prevent a mishap, and she is usually doing it ALONE!

I am writing this because someone was unkind, thoughtless, and selfish. Someone thought more about sitting quietly by themselves on a Seattle Ferry than letting an exhausted mother with 4 weary children rest their tired feet near her (which was the ONLY available seat inside). I, after hearing how tired this other woman was, told her that I was equally tired and that a kind smile would go a lot further than a look of vehemence.

My mantra: Be kind to everyone, for everyone is fighting their own battle.