Tuesday, July 5, 2011

All in a Day's Work

So there have been 9 kids in my house for the better part of the day today and I have applied Band-Aids of every size and variety to almost all of them. I have soothed their dramatic souls and cheered up their sad faces. I have whipped my head around to "Mom", "Aunt",and "Lori" so many times that I'm dizzy. The highlight of the day was when my mom and I took 7 of them down to EWEB to run through the fountain saying, "Let's just get a little wet" and then watching them COMPLETELY soak themselves without any towels to dry off with. The low point was when we got back and everyone was fighting over who got to get in the tub first. Then when the boys (both age 10) finally got their turn they just sat there, totally naked, with all their toys in a DRY tub and screamed for me to come turn it on and then off again. Come on boys...REALLY? You're 10. I'm pretty sure you can turn it on and then off again. Why is it that everyone needs me to orchestrate all of the minutia in the day? ...UGG!

So then Savannah has to have a sleepover and I reluctantly agree. The girls have spent the evening cackling at the top of their lungs and coming up with strange ideas to take revenge on their 7th grade homework assignments. Dan and I took Daphne for a ride to get a bit of a break and Savannah calls to ask if it's okay if they start a fire to burn all of their old math assaignments. I'm thinking, umm, please don't tell me you've started a fire in my absence. I tell her that I'm just wayyyyyy too tired to help them make a bonfire at 10pm,...maybe tomorrow.