Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Monday, August 24, 2009

Silliness in Sunriver

We went to Sunriver last week with the Lenox Family. It was so much fun! We rode bikes, played tennis, went swimming and played games. The funnest part was playing Imaginiff. It was late at night and so we were loopy from exhaustion. The question was about Dan: If Dan were a cartoon character which would he be: 1-Minnie Mouse 2-Velma 3-Power Puff Girl 4-Tinkerbell 5-Cinderella. We all just died laughing. There were no male choices. So we sat there and imagined Dan as Tinkerbell. His tiny wings flapping wildly to keep him off the ground. Super tight tights and a goatee with stubble and of course a tight little skirt. He was a very hairy fairy with chest hair spilling out the top of his leotard! We couldn't stop laughing! So then we had to choose one for Tom. He was Cinderella. He had a blue flowing ball gown that didn't quite fit with his broad chest splitting the seams, glass slippers that didn't just fall off, but crushed under his weight, a headband with a fancy do underneath and a black choker necklace that broke as soon as he spoke in a deep voice. We were practically rolling on the floor by the time our descriptions were done. We decided we should get a graphic designer to draw them, so we could never lose those precious, yet sickening images. Thanks for being good sports Dan and Tom!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Hand Replica Project Aborted

Well folks, it's official! I am now aborting my human hand replica search. Let me explain. It all stems from this one simple fact: Daphne has slept through the night for 3 nights in a row!!! You see, we were getting desperate and desperate times call for desperate measures!

Daphne has not been sleeping through the night for some time now and the only way we could get her to fall asleep during this last month was to stand at the side of her bed and put our hand on top of her face; she would hold on to the thumb and pinkie and slowly fall asleep. Well this gets old a 3 o'clock in the morning! So we devised a plan: buy some kind of hand replica for her to snuggle up to so we could get our beauty sleep. That sounds sick and wrong you say? I say: not so! On the first night that she slept through the night I was searching for something with the same weight and appendages as a hand and I found a little snake filled with sand. I layed it across her face; she grabbed both ends of the snake and within minutes...sleep! Eureka!

So I guess I will not go forward with the hand replica search. She even fell asleep without the snake. Hopefully we are home free.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Chaos Personified

My life is choas! True to form I have not blogged in 3 months. I would say that I am going to change my ways, but that would most likely be a lie. I keep telling myself that I am going to simplify my life, but I am always in angst about what to cut out. Let me see... Getting up with Daphne in the middle of the night, wouldn't mind cutting that one out, ...laundry, it takes way too long with 6 people to wash for, ...grocery shopping, who needs food? ...if I'm going to cut out shopping I can cut out cooking and dishes too (yes!!!) I think I hit paydirt with that one. ...Swimming lessons, Do they really need to learn how to swim? ...Play dates. Now this is a tricky one. On one hand it gets them out of your hair for a little while, but then, inevitably, someone's feelings get hurt and you have to sort it all out. ...Soccer, volleyball, baseball, tennis, gymnastics. I'm left in a quandry. But there are things I will never give up doing: reading books to the kids (and to myself), going for walks, playing at the park, picnics, singing, and dancing like no one is watching. These are the things you think of when you decide to become a mom. These are the times I think my children will remember. These are the moments that life slows down and you realize it's all worth it. So if I can do at least one of those good things a day I will smile and know I did something worthwhile today.