Friday, May 21, 2010

Daphne is 18 months old!!!

To commemorate the occasion I took her to get her pictures taken. Normally I would do this at 12 months, but with Daphne being a holy terror and all, I've put it off until now. Judging from these pictures you would think I'm kidding about the holy terror thing, but I'm really not!

So here's the story. I took all these toys and snacks and music and tried my hardest to keep her in a good mood before the pictures were taken. But then we ended up waiting for 15 minutes before our turn. So by the time 15 minutes went by she was screaming, writhing and clawing at me(the usual when I take her out). She and I were both in tears when the photographer finally said it was our turn. I ALMOST just gave up and went home right then, but we decided to at least try. So as soon as we stepped in the studio she perked right up sitting and playing on the sheet backdrop. And we struck gold. It lasted for 10 whole minutes and then she was back to Little Miss Rotten. But what else can I ask for? With her, not much.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mess-maker, Mess-maker make me a mess...

These are just a few of the messes the kids have gotten into lately.

Why the garbage is soooo facinating alludes me!

Liam really enjoys his brownie batter.

Daphne found an open package of white cocoa mix and had to further investigate it's contents by pouring it out and playing in it! Yummy!