Friday, December 18, 2009

Cookie Time!

Angie and I (with Daphne and Olivia) went up to Salem to hang out with Tara and her girls and make cookies. We had so much fun! Even the girls got into it. They were unsupervised when we let them do some decorating. Big mistake! The sprinkles were a 1/2 inch thick on each cookie and about that thick on the floor too! Tara was such a good sport though, saying enthusiastically "Oh, that's fine! Just as long as there is a little left." That was about all that was left from the 2 bottles. Then the girls all "skated" on the sprinkles until their feet were all dyed dark red and green!
Then poor Angie, who was rolling out the cookies on the counter, kept bumping her head on the corner of the cabinet. Ouch!
But no matter what, whenever the three of us get together we always have lots of silly fun!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Both Savannah and Daphne had birthday's in November. They both had lots of fun!